Logo Design

The Buffalo Spot is a chain of restaurant which started in southern california. After working on some of TBS marketing material and artwork I pitched to the owner how a different logo may be better for his company. Innitially they had a tagline "where the chicken meets the potato" which also included a photoshoped chicken on top of a potato. After numouse sketches I came up with this final version which combines the original chicken and potato idea.

The owner was also looking to update the the interior of his restaurants. Using my own equipment I photographed several different restaurants and worked with employees to develope professional photographs that better represented the culture. You can see these photographs hanging in the restaurants, website and corporate office.

Package Design

The original brand was geared more towards hip-hop, however I wanted to update his identity to a broader more urban feel. I took it upon myself to develop components for a new brand identity. After dicussing my idea further the owner green lit the idea and I developed additional complete designs.

THe new design would implement an urban style with hard lines, dots and better use of contrasting colors. I felt patterns and thick lines would still give a street feel while also making it more professional.

Digital Menus

The Buffalo Spot was looking to transition into digital menus. I was tasked with taking an already designed menu and animating it. Using After Effects I was able to highlight different parts of the the menu and give the restuarant a interactive feel.

Previous Work: